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Green Mums


postage Australia wide

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Susie Bell

May 18 at 2:11pm

I have sampled the Lemon grass pellets in my brooders so happy would highly recommend this product, it has so many other uses like in the nest boxes. It is very cost effective too. Thanks

Gabrielle Parr

April 13 at 7:14pm

Hi Kate. My ladies have a wet mash with probiotics, turmeric, garlic and apple cider vinegar. They are moulting at the moment and a couple are looking absolutely terrible with lack of feathers! Is there something I can add to their feed to help them?

Green Mums Perma-Poultry HiGabrielle -

I have livamol available in small sachets suited to 5kg of dry feed - tiny granules it easily mixes into a wet mash, is a huge vitamin, mineral and protein kick.

Feathers are all protein - so it's a great idea to give them extra in their feed when they are growing their gorgeous new plumage.

Caitlin Shea recommends Green Mums Perma-Poultry.

October 10 ·

Popped in on Saturday and Kate was so, so lovely! I was just browsing around but she took the time to have a chat and help me out. The store has some great products too - I left with a few things and lots of great advice.

Suesie Phyland reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

May 23, 2017 ·

Very helpfull and caring people.. Helped my little chook when everyone said don't bother ..

Ross Buddle Atkinson reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

March 5, 2017 ·

As always. Kate is so full of knowledge and so willing to share. Great work Kate. Well worth the 120km round trip to see you.

Barb Vanohr reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

March 3, 2017 ·

Always happy to help with advise excellent service all round highly recommend as I won't go anywhere else

Esther Attewell reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

November 28, 2016 ·

An absolute wealth of knowledge, given for free with a smile and a cuppa tea :)

Chelle Burton reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

October 21, 2016 ·

Kate has much knowledge to share and she shares it freely. She is passionate about what she does and is a pleasure to deal with. Her products are great and the poultry she sells is of the highest quality. I am so glad I found you, Kate 

Judith Miller reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

October 15, 2016 ·

I purchased some chick starter, DE and lice & mite drops. Great service, love the alternatives she has compared to the standard pet shop. Prices are even better still! Thanks, I will be back 

Jack Stevenson reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

October 7, 2016 ·

Great range of products and friendly service at competitive prices. Went for a 19% Protein Layer Mash I had been searching for and came away with that, feeders, garlic infused unpasteurised acv and more lol. My Lavender Sussex won't let me shop anywhere else now :-)

Brenda Mortimer reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

September 28, 2016 ·

Had a great morning with the kids. Great service and knowledge of chickens.

Rebecca Cassidy reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

July 21, 2016 ·

Kate is so informative and very happy to help a lot can be Learnt from this woman !

After my short visit today my chickens now have lemon grass smelling nesting boxes from the pellets , DE mixed into their sand bath , ACV with garlic and mother mixed into the water and all sorts of Amazing goodies mixed into their food !!

My chickens were soo happy once I had finished today.

I am looking forward to my next visit !

Benno Rogers reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

July 17, 2016 ·

Great service and an awesome range. Kate's knowledge is priceless and the way she interacts with the kids make it an such an enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

Denise Maree reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

July 17, 2016 ·

Perma-Poultry is awesome and Kate knows so much about Chickens. Love going there just to have a chat about the correct way to do things. If you are looking at getting anything to do with raising Chickens or the chickens themselves or even just need to educate yourself, go and pay Kate a visit, I guarantee you wont be sorry, I learnt so much today in just a 5 minute conversation, will definitely be back :)

Charmaine Lea-anne Mullaly reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

July 23, 2016 ·

We met Kate on Thursday 21st of does she know her stuff with chickens we have wanted a couple of chickens for a long time now, finally we are in a space where we can have them! Knowing nothing at all, a friend recommended us to go see Kate she educated us in the chook world thoroughly and we went home with 3 beautiful girls and everything we needed to be chook parents thanks Kate, 2days in and we have or very first egg

Amy Spencer reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

September 28, 2016 ·

Kate is just an absolute wealth of knowledge and fantastic advice. We've attended workshops, poultry markets and today, school holiday activities. We have Izzy the frizzle and two Pekin chicks, Charlie and Rosie from her. We have learnt so much from Kate and use her fabulous products and what she recommends, as she absolutely knows what she's talking about!

Michelle Clayton reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

August 14, 2016 ·

So glad i found perma poultry - kate is so knowledgeable and such a lovely person - i am now so much more aware of how to raise my chicks healthy and strong - the easter eggers are going so well kate - i will send you some photos we luv them ☺

Cara Burdon reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

October 1, 2016 ·

Beautiful healthy birds, great service and lots of natural products to choose from

Sandra Mason reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

July 17, 2016 ·

Went there for some advice and ended up purchasing 2 bantams. Excellent knowledge and great prices, would highly recommend them.

Alanna Healy reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

July 5 ·

I am so over the moon Kate is now delivering food, my girl's love it and home delivery is perfect for this busy Mumma.

Kate has helped me saved 5+ girl's by giving any sick chooks a quick check over before she sets off to the next stop. Without knowing about the mucus plug in my Maran mouth I would have lost her for sure but she is now happy and back in the coop.

The only place for every chicken's need!

Nikki Solomon reviewed Green Mums Perma-Poultry5 star

January 23 ·

Kate is lovely!!! She met up with me especially which i really appreciated. Educated me in everything chicken and is so knowledgeable! Thank you for your time and patience. You have provided a lovely introduction to start my chicken journey!